Altura IMPACT Day, 2016

Altura conducted its 2nd ‘IMPACT DAY’ – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Day on 7th October 2016. The entire organization donated it’s time for the society to make a difference.

As part of its CSR strategy for the day, Altura focused on contributing towards the well-being of children in various orphanages and old people at old age homes

  • Altura identified some Old Age homes and Orphanages, and donated basic necessities like groceries, toiletries, medicines, utensils, electronics, etc.
  • Altura employees educated the children on basic health & hygiene to ensure healthy living environments.
  • Altura team spent time with the elderly and made sure they were comfortably involved in various activities conducted throughout the day.
  • Team Altura also created awareness about the benefits of education and guided the growing up children towards a better career path.
  • To make it special all the children and the elderly people were given Dushera gifts.

Our this year’s motto was to Donate a SMILE and sure we were successful in bringing it on some beautiful faces!


Here are a few snapshots of how we did it!