Altura IMPACT Day

Altura IMPACT Day is an opportunity for the Altura team to put their passion, determination, and skills to use for the benefit of the community. They provide skills-based volunteering and a helping hand to hundreds of not-for-profit organizations where they share their knowledge and expertise.

IMPACT Day activities take many forms and include developing strategic business plans for social enterprises, delivering lessons on business ethics and values in schools, hosting skills-building workshops and providing skills-development programs and mentoring to young people.

Altura Impact Day Oct12015

Altura celebrated its ‘IMPACT DAY’ – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Day on 1st October 2015. The entire organization donated it’s time for the society to make a difference.
As part of its CSR strategy for the day, Altura focused on contributing towards Education for children in schools and orphanges, and also taking care of the Environment in our city.

· We identified some schools and orphanages, and donated basic necessities like water filters, benches, school bags, asbestos sheets for the roofing, etc.
· We educated the children on basic health & hygiene to ensure healthier living environments.
· Our team also created awareness about the benefits of education and guided the growing up children towards a better career path.
· We conducted a plantation drive in one of the schools and discussed the importance of clean and pollution free environment.

A fun day with lots of activities with children, distributing necessities to the needful and goodies to the children sure helped us bring smiles to hundreds of people, and that’s exactly what we wanted to do on Altura’s Impact day. Overall, an absolute success! 🙂