Chennai Relief Work


#‎ChennaiRains is without question an unprecedented crisis for the city of Chennai and it is amazing how people have come together to help. In an attempt to assist remotely from relatively drier Hyderabad and Bangalore, we are organizing an Essential Items collection drive with the goal of having those items ready to take to Chennai once the rains/floods subside.

The specific items that will be needed are:

  • IMG-20151205-WA0000Clothes – Saris, Dhotis, Kids clothing; Footwear (in good condition)
  • Bathing towels, Sheets, Plastic Sheets, Mats – preferably new
  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Biscuits, Dry Food, Groceries & Utensils
  • Mosquito coils/repellents
  • Fever/Cold Medicines for Adults and Kids (Not Expired)


We will handle coordinating the transporting and distributing of these items through the right channels.

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute:

Hyderabad – Roopa 97041 04111 / Vasu Adunutula 77022 77‪241 / Santosh 80085 61825

Drop Off Box at Altura Consulting, 7th Floor, Ramky Grandoise, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-500032 

For Bangalore – Arvind Krishnan 98867 45697 / Anusha Shankar 96201 51577

Amazon Essentials List for online orders which would be received and handled by us:

Essentials list updated on Facebook group by volunteers everyday:

Would appreciate it if you can help spread the word. Thanks for your help in advance!

Team Altura


Chennai Relief Work – Relief material collected and dispatched!

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention” – Oscar Wilde

Most of us desire to give back to the society that we generally only take from, but how many of us actually step forward, especially in a time of crisis, to donate our time, our thoughts, our efforts and our Hearts?

While these very difficult times in Chennai, folks at Altura decided to come forward to do their part. With the intent to contribute conceived in Roopa’s (Founder at Altura) head, the entire team joined hands to work beyond their shifts to collect and pack material. We created family kits with 

  • clothing essentials & footwear
  • sanitation essentials & medicines
  • kitchen essentials
  • baby food, diapers & clothing

These kits turned out to be extremely handy to distribute and were highly appreciated by the needy. All the clothes and footwear (over 100 pairs) were either new or in good condition.

Collectively, we were able to donate material worth 2 lakhs, and even though that’s just a number, what is more important to us is the reminder to ourselves that we stand united and will contribute to the society whenever its needed, with whatever we can.

Elizabeth Andrew once said “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart!”.