SAP Business One Solution


SAP Business One is for Great Companies – not just Great Big Companies SAP Business One comprises all the core functions you need to run your growing business. Managers and employees alike can process information more effectively, helping them make sound business decisions based on on-demand access to a true and unified picture of critical, up-to-the-minute business information across the entire organization. The solution provides all the administrative functions that let you customise and back-up data, define currency exchange rates, and configure permissions and alerts. It comprises 11 areas of functionality that helps extend its capabilities far beyond its primary administrative function and enables it to streamline your entire business processes.

These areas of functionality are:

1. Financial Accounting : SAP Business One handles all your financial transactions including general ledger, account set up and maintenance, journal entries, foreign currency adjustments and budgets.

2. Sales : The software helps you create price quotes, enter customer orders, set up deliveries, update stock balances and manage all invoices and accounts receivables.

3. Purchasing: Manages and maintains supplier transactions such as issuing purchase orders, updating stock numbers, calculating the value of imported items, handling returns and credits, and processing payments.

4. CRM: Controls all the information on your customers, prospects, resellers and suppliers including profiles, contact summaries, account balances and sales pipeline analysis.

5. Service Management: Optimises the potential of your service departments, providing support for service operations, service contract management, service planning, tracking of customer interaction activities, customer support and management of sales opportunities.

6. Stock Control: Handles stock levels, item management, price lists, special price agreements, transfers between multiple warehouses and stock transactions.

7. Production/MRP: SAP Business One offers a simple yet powerful planning system that helps production planners or buyers schedule and manage items for production or purchasing based on a variety of criteria.

8. Reporting: Creates powerful reports for nearly every aspect of your business including customer and supplier debt, sales, cash flow, customer contact summaries, book-keeping, warehouse stock, financial statements, pricing, customer activity and more (via pre-defined reports or define-it-yourself queries).

9. Controlling: Lets you define profit centres and distribution rules to distribute the costs to these profit centres. You can also generate profit-and-loss reports for each centre.

10. Human Resource (HR): The Human Resources module within SAP Business One allows you to capture pertinent information about each employee.